Static Cling Camera Covers

Protect your privacy and decorate your devices all in one!

Cut them out and they cling to the cameras of your laptops, smart phones, tablets, baby monitors and more!

No sticky residue! Reusable, Reliable, Fun, Safe and Secure!

Welcome to Static Cling Camera Covers!

The static cling camera cover blocks the camera on any device without damaging the camera or leaving a sticky residue!

Technology is constantly changing and it is relatively easy for intruders to hack into your mobile device's camera, you laptop's camera, even your baby monitor's camera!

A Static Cling Camera Cover is the best way to have complete control and make sure that no prying eyes can spy on you or your loved ones!

Here is how it works:

Just cut out the design of your choice with sharp scissors and stick it over the camera of your laptops, phones, tablets and any internet connected camera you have that you want to protect.

Because they are printed on window cling vinyl, you can easily remove them when you want to use your camera and put them back when you are done.

Its just that simple to have peace of mind knowing your cameras are safe, even if your systems are comprised you have a physical line of defence!

For white devices, use the white background images, white strip or white "camera dots". For black devices, use the black background images or black strip or black "camera dots"

Remember, the best way you can be sure you video content from your internet enable cameras is not being streamed without your knowledge is with a static cling camera cover!